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Rutledge and King

4" Teak Ball

4" Teak Ball

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-GRADE A TEAK WOOD: Handcrafted from teak wood, this Teak Ball is a stunning example of natural beauty. This unique and decorative teak ball is perfect for adding rustic charm to your space, whether you're looking for wood balls, decorative wood bowls, or decorative orbs for home decor. We offer a variety of sizes and quantities of this item.
-NATURAL CHARACTER AND UNIQUENESS: This decorative sculpture is created from gigantic pieces of teak root, preserving its natural character with distinctive fissures and textures. Each teak ball is truly one-of-a-kind, ensuring that you acquire a unique and distinctive piece that stands out among wooden balls and decorative balls for home decor.
-VERSATILE DECOR:  Whether placed as a decorative object in the bathroom, garden, terrace, or any area in and around your home, this rustic teak ball adds a touch of original charm. It's perfect for those seeking a wooden art piece that enhances their living environment.
-EMBRACE RUSTIC ORIGINALITY: The coarse structure of the burl wood, featuring deep furrows and notches, gives this teak ball a special and rustic charm. The variances in shape and color of each piece contribute to its uniqueness, making it a standout among home decorations. 
-ARTISTIC CRAFTSMANSHIP: These teak balls aren't just decorative pieces; they're a testament to natural beauty and artistic craftsmanship. Whether you need decorative orbs for bowls, sculptures for home decor or office decor, this teak ball is the ideal choice to elevate your space.
-ETHICALLY SOURCED: All our teak products are crafted from sustainably sourced grade A teak wood, in collaboration with World Fair Trade Organization members, ensuring exceptional quality and ethical production.

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