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Rutledge and King

Black Hanging Shelf

Black Hanging Shelf

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RUTLEDGE & KING HANGING SHELVES - The simplistic design of the Rutledge & King hanging wall shelves infuse minimalist and modern styling to create the perfect accent for any room. Create an eye catching display to compliment your unique space with the Rutledge & King hanging plant shelf! 
STURDY WOODEN FRAME - These beautiful hanging storage shelves have a sturdy wood base that looks great on bedroom walls and hallways. Traditional wall shelves can look uninteresting and dry, the Rutledge & King rope shelf adds a minimalist, modern appeal to any room in your home or office. Our hanging storage shelves provide ample space for displaying lightweight, small plants, frames, decorative figurines, succulents, air plants, and art. 
MODERN, MINIMALIST DESIGN - Add a splash of modern minimalism to your bedroom, kitchen, home office, dining room, nursery, or living room with the Rutledge & King hanging rope shelf. Rutledge & King hanging shelves come with a unique finish paired with a clean, modern silhouette. Rutledge & King wall mounted shelves feature a simple, yet functional design that adds a modern touch to any item you display.  
VERSATILE HOME DECOR - Create a carefully curated display by adding lightweight books and a succulent to accent a living room wall or spruce up your bathroom décor with a unique take on traditional toilet paper and toiletry holders. Rutledge & King hanging wood shelves feature simple, clean lines for a unique take on a modern, minimalist shelving unit. 
SIMPLE SILHOUETTE - Rutledge & King floating shelves are a great alternative to macramé shelving units. Each wall mounted display is a great addition to bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, an office space, sunrooms, living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. 

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